The gambling addiction among the UK Army

Many army officers who serve in the British army have raised concerns about the ridiculous gambling terminals that are found around the military barracks. Gambling issues are a significant concern for the civilian population. But many are not interested in how this problem affects the military. Many charity organizations are bent on raising awareness about this issue of gambling, have called on the government to fulfill its role of protecting the military personnel both during and after their service.

The rules which govern the conduct of the British army officers called the Queens Regulations, clearly forbid all forms of gambling. This shows that making gambling machines available in military barracks contradicts the required behavior that should be maintained in the barracks. Post about online casino on Solicitors Guru points out clear gambling laws that are in place on British land and in my opinion, they should apply to the Army as well.

When questioned about the reason for the installation of the slot machines in military barracks, a military barracks representative mentioned that its winning stakes are much lower than that found in many bookies and that the rules on conduct and behavior demand discretion on the part of the commanding officer. Irrespective of that, there is a growing concern for gambling addiction and its harm to the UK military personnel. As the military work hard to defend the country, it is the responsibility of the government to offer them the best possible care during and after service. The Ministry of Defence continues to believe strongly that the gambling machines don’t affect the military officers as much as they affect civilians. And due to this fact, the gambling terminals are only seen as a form of entertainment.

The call to allow gambling in the UK military bases is believed to be due to the huge amount of profits which the gambling firms make, and it is believed that most of the profits are shared with the military. Many military camps are doing their best to avoid bringing down the morale of military personnel. And gambling is believed to maintain the high morale of army officers and as such gambling persists.

The growing concerns

The concerns are now mounting on the Military of Defence to treat the issue of gambling as an alcohol or a drug dependency problem. Many military officers who once served in the UK army have confessed to falling deep into addiction, because of the feeling of being hooked on even though they know that they shouldn’t continue gambling.

Due to their addictive nature, the machines are popularly called the crack cocaine of gambling, and it is a general feature in many parts of the UK.

Many soldiers have become extremely reliant on gambling. Those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder are also most likely to face even worse addiction problems. Many soldiers continue to gamble many years after leaving service to remind them of the spark they once felt when serving in the army. And some use this as a way to take their minds off of the horrors they faced during the military service. As neglect continues, so does the growing problem of gambling addiction in the military.